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We were all buried at sea – we just didn't know it yet.


Bioshock Infinite gear from the FYBI contest came in the mail today!! I’m keeping the posters safe off the wall until I can get them frames, since I don’t want them to get damaged. They’re so pretty~

Yay! It all looks so nice! I’m glad everything got to you safe and sound too! I was really worried that they might loose one package or something. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! <3

- Cirque

Still on hiatus.


My hecka rad Booker and Liz poster (and sticker) from Fuck Yeah Bioshock Infinite  and the wonderful mod Cirque! Thank you thank you thank you!

Awesome! I&#8217;m glad everything got to you safely and I hope you enjoy muchly!
Thank you kindly for the sweet words. &lt;3
- Cirque
Still on hiatus.


My hecka rad Booker and Liz poster (and sticker) from Fuck Yeah Bioshock Infinite  and the wonderful mod Cirque! Thank you thank you thank you!

Awesome! I’m glad everything got to you safely and I hope you enjoy muchly!

Thank you kindly for the sweet words. <3

- Cirque

Still on hiatus.



My wonderful prize from fuckyeah-bioshockinfinite arrived today, and I am in love with these posters. A big, loving thank you to cirqueduinsanity, who is not only a seriously generous mod but a generally excellent person.

may’ve kissed booger shhhhh lipstick comes off paper it’s fine he;s fine he liked it anyway

I’m so glad they got to you safe and sound! I’m surprised how quickly they shipped too, considering you were the furthest distance! Enjoy your prizes.

To the other winners, your prizes should be in shortly (I was told by Monday!).

Again, enjoy and thank you for the kind words! <3

- Cirque

Still on hiatus.

Seems I just can’t keep away (no I’m kidding this is probably the last update for awhile):

A friend of mine helped me realize some stuff (without directly meaning to make me realize that stuff specifically, I think) about how yeah, it sucks that this blog is on hiatus, but what is most important is my health and sanity. I can always come back to it and I can still be proud of myself for getting where I am.

It’s really interesting to see people’s comments and messages now that I’ve decided to take a break. People telling me not to go (not that I’m leaving, I’m just… on vacation for awhile), telling me that my blog means the world to them, and hell, I even had one person say they cried. Most of them even felt the need to message me privately to let me know that no matter how long I’m gone, they’ll be happy to wait until I come back (which by the way, meant a lot to me).

I think in general, the haters tend to be the loudest out of the bunch, but I had over forty messages last night of people telling me they loved me, that they’d miss me… people I’ve had no real interaction with outside of modding this blog. I’m not going to give that up because some jerks think they have a right to silence my criticism of a game and harass me after I say that, “no, no! It’s okay that you don’t agree with me. Love what you love,” (if you can’t critique something you love even a little, then you really don’t love it in my opinion; there are flaws in everything, which can be wonderful… that’s another discussion entirely), but I may have to take a new approach.

Running a blog this big and this popular requires so much time and attention from me that before the hiatus, I already took on Ariel as a new mod. Now, I realize, I can’t do it alone and I can’t put this kind of stress of myself, or Ariel. We need more people. More people I trust to run the blog with me.

I’m still on a break. This isn’t happening anytime soon (did I mention I’ve only taken one break since I started this blog over a year ago?), but I’m hoping it will happen.

We’ll just see where the future takes me because first and foremost, I have to worry about my health and sanity. Not a video game and a blog dedicated to it.

We’ll talk again in the future, Songbirds, but this hiatus is what is best for my health. When I’m back, well, expect changes. Lots of them, I’m thinking. I may hand over the reigns of running a blog for the DLC to someone else to be honest (just because I don’t want to see all of us fight over something like a DLC! Come on, we’re a fandom, we need to at least somewhat stick together and respect opinions, right?) and solely make this blog Infinite Prime related (even though I’ve already seen beautiful edits and fanart for Episode II, seriously you are all so talented).

Don’t take my word on that though.

If the time comes that I must leave this blog, I will let you know, but for now, this is just a really long break. The idea of new mods is both frightening and exciting to me because I know a few people who I trust with all my heart to bring on board. Please though, for now, don’t come to me and ask how it’ll be done because that’s in the distant future.

For now, I want you all to focus on something more important: yourself. Take some time and do what you love. Cheesy as hell right there, oops.

For those of you who loved Episode II, I’m glad you didn’t find the same disappointment as some of us other Songbirds. For those of you going into it, I hope you find the same enjoyment. A DLC doesn’t have to split this fandom apart. We just have to learn to respect everyone (which I hope you know that I do respect you no matter your opinion on Episode II) and not… alienate each other. We’re a weird sort of family, don’t you think?

Anyway my friend’s comment and getting to write this really help ease a huge… pain in my chest. I can still feel it there, but remembering that I’m doing something I love and that I’m proud of really helps. Especially when I have great people around me like Ariel, my family, and my Songbirds supporting me.

With all my love, best wishes, and sappy feelings,

Cirque (and by extension, Geeke)

P.S. Also, go play InFAMOUS: Second Son right now if you have a PS4, it is fantastic and I can’t get over how amazing it is seriously, wow. <3

For the Giveaway Winners:

I do plan on mailing your winnings still and I apologize that it has taken so long to get to (I’m short on cash for shipping right now and I only just got my car back).

So, if you could head to my personal and give me your addresses again, I’ll save them for when I do get a chance to send them out.

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Again, I apologize that I haven’t gotten your winnings out to you. I’ll do my best to do so as soon as possible. Again though, money may limit me. I will try to keep in contact with you about when I can send them out.

- Cirque

Well, anyway, happy 10,000 followers, I guess, but… bad news:

I… still don’t know what we’re going to do on our end. I can tell Ariel isn’t enjoying the idea of shifting through the hate we’re probably going to be getting from now on, but…

I don’t think you all realize how proud I am of this blog. I started it all on my own, I took the time to promote it. To flesh it out… to make it my safe space in the fandom.

I’m so proud of myself for doing this one thing with my life. Hell, even my family is proud of me. They ask me every time I come home how everything is going, how you all are. I can’t imagine going home and telling them it’s over. That I couldn’t do it anymore.

But… I’m sitting here and my friends are telling me that if I keep going, I’m going to collapse. I can feel it too. I’m close. I’m tired. A week long break doesn’t seem long enough.

I don’t feel welcome here anymore. I feel like an outcast because of one little DLC. I didn’t like it, but I was never going to take that away from anyone else. I was never going to dismiss it. I wouldn’t do that to you. I would keep my complaints (as many as I could) to myself unless asked.

Now… I just am sitting here. Looking at my screen and I realize that all this work I’m putting myself through means the world to some people and to shut it down… to give up… it hurts.

I’m getting a lot of great messages now. Both Ariel and I are, but… I can’t imagine coming back to this. To me, this blog right now is a physical weight on my shoulders and I don’t know how to get it off because even leaving it is still there.

Some of you are suggesting a long break. A long… long break. Others are suggesting I become an Infinite Prime only blog. And… I don’t know what to do because both options seem… bad.

All I know is I can’t come back in a week. This blog has reduced me to tears far too soon and I know I won’t be ready by the week end. We’ll see where it goes. Ariel and I will discuss it… and I’ll talk with my family and other friends.

I’ll let everyone know when I’ve reached a decision, but until then…

I’m sorry, but we’re on hiatus until further notice.

Goodbye, Songbirds. I hope we’ll be back soon.

- Cirque/Geeke

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Cirque, you may have answered this before, but what did you think of Atlas in the original Bioshock? (For now I'm completely ignoring the Atlas in Burial at Sea.)

I actually have answered this sorta! Lemme see if I can find it. :)

I like him as both Atlas and Fontaine, don’t make me pick!

I mean, Fontaine is totally set apart from Atlas, which made the reveal so wonderful. We all knew Fontaine was a horrible, evil person just from listening to the audio diaries in Rapture, but when it turned out he was Atlas the entire time…


Atlas was just this… kind person, who tried his hardest to help the people of Rapture and tried even harder to keep Jack and his family safe (well, as far as we were aware). He was just a man who wanted out of the city. We trusted him and I think a lot of us were in denial when he finally showed his true colors (in fact, I know a lot of people that refuse to believe that Fontaine actually was Atlas to this day).

I really can’t pick which character I like better, not because they’re the same person, but because I like them for totally different reasons. Atlas was likeable as an ally, while Fontaine was likeable as a villain, you know?

I don’t really like Fontaine because he’s Atlas. I like him because he’s a cunning bastard, who managed to fool the people of Rapture into trusting him and got away with who knows what else in his time.

I don’t really like Atlas because he’s Fontaine. I like him because he’s a kind man, who cares about what he views as right and wrong. He cared about Rapture and his family… and until the reveal we were (mostly) none the wiser.

Anyway, he’s my non-answer because I can’t decide who I actually like more.

- Cirque

And here is an ask on my personal about it.

- Cirque

New and Old Mod Introdutions:


Personal blog: geekethefreak

She/her pronouns.

Hey everyone! I’m geekethefreak, or just Geeke or Ariel, and I’m a new mod ‘round these parts. Many of you might already know me from posts Bronwyn has mentioned me in (or just recently linked to one of my posts regarding a certain DLC), but you probably didn’t know that I’ve actually been around helping out since the very beginning, just not officially.

Some stuff about me: I’m a sophomore at Michigan State University, majoring in Studio Art and (hopefully) specializing in Game Design. My interests mainly lie in video games (Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Fallout, Journey, and The Last of Us to name a few), but I am a well rounded individual who watches television (The Walking Dead, mostly) and movies (The Breakfast Club, Wreck-It Ralph, Easy A and Zombieland are some of my favorites), and reads once in awhile too (Artemis Fowl is my favorite series!). I also enjoy some not-media related activities like baking and singing in the shower, but those aren’t as applicable to this blog, so I’ll spare you.

I look forward to helping Bronwyn mod this blog, and I hope you all enjoy having me on board!

I blacklist the following words/phases, so tagging these appreciated:

  • Blood
  • Self-Harm or Self Harm
  • Gore

You can see more of my interests here.



Personal blog: cirqueduinsanity

She/her pronouns.

Most of you already know me, but I thought I’d post a little introduction too!

I’m CirqueDuInsanity, usually simply Cirque or Bronwyn. I’m the original mod who created this blog over a year ago. I’m a 20 year old college student, attending MSU and majoring in Studio Art, with a specialization in Video Game Design.

I was born on the 19th of October and I also participate many other activities, such as singing (whether I’m good or not is up for debate), drawing, writing, cooking, and daydreaming at times when I really shouldn’t.

My current fandoms include (but are not limited to): Fallout, BioShock, Journey, Gladiator, Dishonored, The Last of Us, and Uncharted. My favorite movies are The Breakfast Club, Tangled, Frozen, Zombieland, and Wreck-It Ralph (and Gladiator, but that was in my fandoms so…). Also I love The Walking Dead and I just started reading A Song of Ice and Fire.

I also enjoy sharks.

My best friend in the whole world, as well as my roommate, is Ariel.

I blacklist the following words/phases, so tagging these appreciated:

  • Snake or Snakes
  • Self-Harm or Self Harm
  • Incest

You can see more of my interests here.

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I still wish there had been SOME warning for the torture scene in the new DLC. I normally love the dark nature of Bioshock, but I honestly just freaked out. I play games to enjoy them, not to play as a victim of a crude Lobotomy. I know you can't really post this for spoilers, but it might be worth it to have a warning for people who have yet to play so others won't get triggered like I did?

I’m going to post this because I agree, a nice warning about this would have been nice as it was very, very… terrible for me. I nearly vomited, geekethefreak had to look away. One of my followers did get physically ill, and another had to walk away from the game.

A little fair warning about straight up torture would have been nice Irrational. So yeah, fuck it. This needs to be posted.

There is a graphic torture scene towards the end of the game involving a lobotomy.

- Cirque

What did you think of the ending? Was it fulfilling for you?

Alright, so I’m going to just get this off my chest here and now. You all deserve to know and I’m going to use this ask to say it.

I’ll do my best to keep things vague, so there will be no spoilers:

Burial at Sea: Episode II was one of the worst DLCs I have ever played.

I’m not saying like, “Oh, it was so sad” or anything. I’m saying I could not stand it. Not because of the ending, not because I “didn’t get what I wanted.” I could have lived with almost anything. This DLC just managed to make me feel like I wasted my money and ruin the game for me nearly (perhaps it did, I’m not sure).

They made the mistakes they did in Infinite Prime worse. The gameplay was fucking terrible (I avoided using stealth because it was slow and unrequired, instead going in guns blazing… essentially making Elizabeth “Booker in a dress” as they were trying to avoid). They kept repeating things I already knew (things explained, or implied pretty damn well in the main game) instead of addressing things I (and many other fans) wanted to know, and tons of other things.

After I was done playing, geekethefreak was waiting to play and I just came in and said, “It wasn’t good.” She played, same thing. So, we sat down and thought of everything we didn’t like and she wrote it down.

You can read it here. Warning Spoilers.

I love Rapture, but I thought Infinite was supposed to be a story about Elizabeth. This was a cheap shot at adding new lore (terrible lore) to their original game. If they wanted to make another game about a BioShock (1), then please, by all means, go ahead, but can we at least get a game about Elizabeth like we were promised.

This wasn’t about her. This was about Rapture. This was about BioShock (1) and butchering things that were already explained in it. I didn’t need a DLC to explain anything to me about that game.

Atlas? Horrible. Yes, he’s still a horrible person and this cements that, but I mean, fucking horrible. They managed to make me roll my eyes at my favorite character. He was fucking annoying and almost… OOC.

This literally feels like Ken and the team went out of there way to say, “Fuck you, we don’t need you” to the fans. I know so many people upset with this, angry with this, and downright hurt by this. I have friends that are physically ill, because this felt like an excuse to hurt their favorite character rather then give any closure.

I get that BioShock is supposed to be dark, I love that, but this wasn’t dark. It was just fucking mean-spirited. I even knew that what happened in the end would have to happen, no matter the rest of the DLC, but this… this was, I don’t even know how to describe how much I rolled my eyes at it.

I know as the mod, you all expect me to like this DLC, but I didn’t. I can’t make an excuse for it, I can’t even pretend that I liked it.

I’ll still post edits, gifs, and art (and anything else related to it) when the time comes, but my opinion is that it was horrible. It was a terrible “conclusion” to the BioShock series.

It did do one good thing though:

I appreciate BioShock 2 a helluva a lot more (also, speaking of which, I think it was rude of Irrational to change some lore BioShock 2 established, they could have easily left it alone). I look forward to 2K’s next addition to the series now because it’s bound to be 100% better than this excuse for a DLC I just played.

I’m going to live my life pretending Burial at Sea never happened because it was pointless, mean-spirited (towards the fans), and not fun.

- Cirque